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Series Outline

The GFC combines Pivotal’s patented, high accuracy GFM™ system with patented control valve technology. As such, it leapfrogs the current MFC technology by offering an order of magnitude improvement on key flow metrics, thereby enabling advanced wafer-manufacturing processes. 


Wide Flow Range:
Full Scale 0.5 -100%
Best Flow Accuracy:
±0.5% of Setpoint for 0.5 -100% Full Scale
Fastest Settling Time for Turn-On and Turndown:
3100ms: 00ms:0.5 100% Full Scale % -10% Full Scale
Fastest Settling Time for Turn-On and Turndown:
≦ 100ms:10% -100% Full Scale; ≦ 300ms:0.5% -10% Full Scale
Effect of Pressure and Temperature:
Automated In Situ Calibration:
NIST Traceable
Innovative Control Technology:
Robust Design, No Orifice


Very fast response time
Widest flow range
Fastest Settling Time for Turn-On and Turndown:
3100ms: 00ms:0.5 100% Full Scale % -10% Full Scale
Industry's best flow accuracy for entire flow range
Automated In Situ Calibration
NIST Traceable
Advanced flow monitoring/self diagnosis


Suitable for most semiconductor etching process and PVD process requiring relatively low flow rate with high vacuum at downstream.  

Series Specifications


Flow range
0.1 - 2000 sccm (4 part numbers to cover this range)
Flow Accuracy
±0.5% of Setpoint for actual gas: 0.1 - 20 sccm (GFC20) 1 - 200 sccm (GFC200) 5 - 1000 sccm (GFC1000), 10 - 2000 sccm (GFC2000)
Settling Time
10% - 100% FS ≤ 100 ms, 0.5% - 10% FS ≤ 300 ms*
Leak Integrity
< 1E-9 (He)
Leak By Rate
0.01 sccm (GFC20), 0.1 sccm (GFC200), 0.5 sccm (GFC1000), 1.0 sccm (GFC2000)
±0.2% of setpoint for 0.5%-100% FS

Operating Conditions

Supply Pressure
Standard: 100 - 300kPaG (14.5 - 43.5 psig)
Low pressure gases C4H9F, SiH2Cl2, C3H1OSI, BCl3, C4F6, C4F6-q, C4F8, C5F8, SiCIA and WF6 the inlet pressure range can be as low as -81 kPaG (-11.7 psig) Refer to the Gas Bin Table on page 5 Et 6 for the specific ranges.
Downstream Pressure
Vacuum to 53 kPa (0 - 400 Torr)
Proof Pressure
2.07 MPaG (300 psig)
Design Pressure (Burst Pressure)
2.65 MPaG (385 psig)
Operating Temperature
Standard: 15-60°C, High Temperature: 15-70°C


Wetted Surface
316 SS per Semi F20
Surface Finish
5 pin average Ra
Metal (PCTFE - Optional)


24 VDC
11 - 24 VDC, 5 W
Analog and RS-485
±15 VDC, 150 mA
In-Rush Current
<200 mA


Critical Etch
CVD / Deposition
Critical Low Flow
Atomic Layer Etch
Atomic Layer Dep

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