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GFC200™ HS GFC2000™ HS

Series Outline

The GFC combines Pivotal’s patented, high accuracy GFM™ system with patented control valve technology. As such, it leapfrogs the current MFC technology by offering an order of magnitude improvement on key flow metrics, thereby enabling advanced wafer-manufacturing processes. 


Widest Flow Range with Accuracy (Actual Gas):
0.5 - 100% Full Scale
Best Flow Accuracy:
±0.5% of Setpoint for 0.5 - 100% Full Scale
Fastest Settling Time for Turn-On and Turndown:
≦ 50 ms 5% - 100% FS ; <100ms 0.5% - 5% FS
Effect of Pressure and Temperature:
Automated In Situ Calibration:
NIST Traceable
Innovative Control Technology:
Robust Design, No Orifice


The fastest gas flow controller in the world
Enables high speed gas pulsing with accurate flow rate
Fastest Settling Time for Turn-On and Turndown:
3100ms: 00ms:0.5 100% Full Scale % -10% Full Scale
Excellent for high speed gas switching process including ALD, ALE, Bosch process
Automated In Situ Calibration
NIST Traceable
Innovative Control Technology:
Robust Design, No Orifice


Indstries fastest gas flow contoller as excellent choice for the processes requiring rapid gas pulsing for rapid gas exchange in the chamber, inlcuding Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD), Atomic Layer Etch (ALE) and Bosch process. 

Series Specifications


Flow range
0.1 - 2000 sccm (4 part numbers to cover this range)
Flow Accuracy
±0.5% of Setpoint for actual gas: 0.1 - 20 sccm (GFC20) 1 - 200 sccm (GFC200) 5 - 1000 sccm (GFC1000), 10 - 2000 sccm (GFC2000)
Settling Time
10% - 100% FS ≤ 100 ms, 0.5% - 10% FS ≤ 300 ms*
Leak Integrity
< 1E-9 (He)
Leak By Rate
0.01 sccm (GFC20), 0.1 sccm (GFC200), 0.5 sccm (GFC1000), 1.0 sccm (GFC2000)
±0.2% of setpoint for 0.5%-100% FS

Operating Conditions

Supply Pressure
Standard: 100 - 300kPaG (14.5 - 43.5 psig)
Low pressure gases C4H9F, SiH2Cl2, C3H1OSI, BCl3, C4F6, C4F6-q, C4F8, C5F8, SiCIA and WF6 the inlet pressure range can be as low as -81 kPaG (-11.7 psig) Refer to the Gas Bin Table on page 5 Et 6 for the specific ranges.
Downstream Pressure
Vacuum to 53 kPa (0 - 400 Torr)
Proof Pressure
2.07 MPaG (300 psig)
Design Pressure (Burst Pressure)
2.65 MPaG (385 psig)
Operating Temperature
Standard: 15-60°C, High Temperature: 15-70°C


Wetted Surface
316 SS per Semi F20
Surface Finish
5 pin average Ra
Metal (PCTFE - Optional)


24 VDC
11 - 24 VDC, 5 W
Analog and RS-485
±15 VDC, 150 mA
In-Rush Current
<200 mA


Critical Etch
CVD / Deposition
Critical Low Flow
Atomic Layer Etch
Atomic Layer Dep

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