Pivotal Systems Introduces the GFC-H Product

Pivotal Systems introduces its new Flow Controller, GFC-H-5L, GFC-H-20L and GFC-H -50L , for precise flow control up to maximum of 50 liters at an accuracy of ±1.0% of set point and a turn-on/turn-off time of of ≤200msec for 10% to 100% of the full scale flow. This new product compliments the existing GFC product family of GFC-20, GFC-200, GFC-1000 and GFC-2000 which will encompass all of the semiconductor processes.

Joseph Monkowski, CTO and President for Pivotal Systems, said, “Multiple repeat orders for the GFC-H placed by leading device manufacturer’s and equipment companies show the quick acceptance of our latest technology. We are quite pleased to once again bring solutions to the industry leaders.” Nori Kobayakawa, VP of Global Marketing for Pivotal Systems, added, “Flow from 2L to 50L require a new level of technical capability in both flow accuracy and control. We are pleased to provide that new level of performance to the industry. The introduction of the GFC-H enables Pivotal Systems to provide solutions across the entire semiconductor gas flow range.”