Pivotal Systems Introduces New Ultra High-Speed Gas Flow Controller (UHS GFC)

Pivotal Systems, the leading provider of best-in-class monitoring and process control technology for the semiconductor manufacturing industry, today introduced its new Ultra High-Speed Gas Flow Controller (UHS GFC) at SEMICON WEST 2017. The UHS GFC operates at speeds down to 10msec response time, compared to the current industry leading 100msec guarantee available today on the standard Pivotal Systems’ GFC.

“The UHS GFC will improve the accuracy, repeatability, and ramping capability for leading plasma etch, atomic layer deposition and epitaxy (ALD/ALE) processes,” said Joseph Monkowski, CTO and President for Pivotal Systems. “We are seeing flow controllers being moved much closer to process chambers to maximize this new capability. We also believe that our industry leading control systems enable much better process controls for both device manufacturers and equipment companies.”

Pivotal’s current product line of Gas Flow Controllers (GFC) offers both the highest accuracy and real-time monitoring and control of the most critical gas flow parameters in wafer processing today. Leading IDMs, foundries and OEMs use Pivotal’s products to dramatically increase yield and productivity by avoiding catastrophic scrap events, tightening process windows, and matching chambers and eliminating off line flow calibration.

“We see the UHS GFC as yet another game changer because there are no other technologies in the market today that can flow accurately at these speeds,” said Nori Kobayakawa, VP of Global Marketing for Pivotal Systems. Speed and nanometer control of our flow controllers enable industry leading precision.

The UHS GFC has already begun shipping to leading customers and Pivotal has received multiple repeat orders.