Pivotal Systems has record-breaking Q4

Pivotal Systems, a leading manufacturer of the Gas Flow Controller (GFC), offering the fastest, most accurate gas flow control for the semiconductor manufacturing market, achieved record Q4 bookings and revenue due to the rapid adoption of the GFC at leading device manufacturers as well as leading semiconductor equipment companies. Joseph Monkowski, CTO and President for Pivotal Systems, said, “Our success in 2014 has been due to both the superior technology and production value of our GFC product as demonstrated by leading strategic device manufacturers around the world. I expect the sales to continue to grow at an accelerated pace as these customers continue to adopt the GFC in both their new leading edge production lines as well as retrofitting critical production tools on existing lines with our flow control technology.” Nori Kobayakawa, VP of Global Marketing for Pivotal Systems, added, “Our penetration into both strategic IDM’s and strategic global process equipment companies has shown the vision we had for the GFC was right on. This industry is about improving yield and reducing costs and the GFC Family of Products enables our key customers the opportunity to do both. We are extremely excited to continue to expand our global footprint and our product line at the direct request of our strategic customers.”