At SEMICON KOREA 2024 from January 31 to February 2, Pivotal Systems Corporation (“Pivotal” or the “Company”) is exhibiting the industry’s fastest flow controller, the Pivotal High Speed Gas Flow Controller (HSGFC), which is based on the field proven GFC architecture, and enables the industry’s fastest response time of <50msec, twice as fast as the competitor’s latest mass flow controller available nowadays.

“With the 50msec capability, Pivotal once again takes advantage of its flexible, high-performance GFC platform, improving both the turn-on and turn-off response times to an industry-leading 50msec with only a firmware change,” said Joseph Monkowski, President and CTO for Pivotal Systems.  “For over 10 years, Pivotal has been the technology leader, providing products with the speed, accuracy, and reliability that our customers need to meet their technology roadmaps.”

Being used by the leading IDMs, foundries and OEMs present day in wafer processing, Pivotal’s full product line of Gas Flow Controllers (GFC) offers not only the highest accuracy but also real-time monitoring and control of the most critical gas flow parameters, to obviously enhance yield and productivity by avoiding catastrophic scrap events, tightening process windows, matching chambers and eliminating the need for the calibration of offline flow.

Pivotal Systems Corporation (“Pivotal” or the “Company”), a leading provider of innovative gas flow control (GFC) solutions to the semiconductor industry, today announced it continued leadership in the performance of gas flow control, with the launch of enhanced GFC products designed to meet semiconductor device manufacturer demand for advanced process monitoring and control of critical steps in the production of leading-edge silicon wafers.

Continued technical innovation by Pivotal enables the industry’s fastest gas flow control times at 50 milliseconds for the GFC20, GFC200, GFC1000, and GFC2000 products. This continues Pivotal’s technical leadership in operating speed while maintaining the best-in-class flow control accuracy. In addition to the speed improvement, the operating temperature range of these products has been expanded to reach higher safe operating temperatures, now up to 60 degrees Celsius. This represents a material development in the GFC market, providing reproduceable, controllable gas flows at higher temperatures, which are required to support the atomic layer deposition and etch production methods now being utilized by Pivotal’s key customers.

President and Chief Technical Officer, Dr. Joe Monkowski spoke of Pivotal’s continuous innovation keeping it at the leading edge of industry needs. “When the GFC was first introduced, its 100ms speed was significantly faster than any other flow controller, and in fact, exceeded the industry’s need at that time. With today’s advanced processes, however, some processes would see the benefit of even faster performance. To meet this need, Pivotal is introducing its 50ms GFC range, continuing Pivotal’s leadership in flow control. This launch highlights the rapid translation of our R&D investment into additional products in the Pivotal range, expressly designed according to customer requirements today and into the future. Our R&D continues over a number of initiatives, which over the last 12 months to 30 June 2023 represented approximately US$3.4 million of investment.”

Kevin Hill, Chief Executive Officer, stated that “We have accelerated the speed of our GFC, and now these devices offer unparalleled performance for the semiconductor device manufacturers, without any compromise. With this enhancement to the GFC software, we have created more value for our customers, by providing solutions to the most challenging of gas flow controls problems: repeated accurate performance, at speeds not seen before in the industry. The digital positional control architecture of a GFC, is the enabler for better flow control roadmaps.”

Pivotal is taking orders now for this enhanced performance GFC, and there is no additional charge for new devices with this performance enhancement.

Pivotal Systems Corporation (“Pivotal” or the “Company”), the leading provider of best-in-class monitoring and process control technology for the semiconductor manufacturing industry, is presenting the industry’s fastest flow controller, the Pivotal Gas Flow Controllers (GFC) at SEMICON KOREA 2022. The GFC is field proven and shipping in high volumes with response speeds of <100msec, three times faster than competitive mass flow controller technologies available today.

“Having the fastest and most accurate flow controller available today enables the leading plasma etch, atomic layer processing (ALD/ALE) capital equipment companies to meet their technology roadmaps,” said Joseph Monkowski, CTO for Pivotal Systems. “We are seeing advanced processes specifically for ALD and ALE requiring high throughput and high yield, driving the need for higher control speeds. Not only are customers using us for speed, but also for our advanced diagnostics and our automated in-situ NIST traceable flow calibration that eliminates the need for pulling the gas flow controller off for recalibration.”

Pivotal’s full product line of Gas Flow Controllers (GFC) offers both the highest accuracy and real-time monitoring and control of the most critical gas flow parameters in wafer processing today. Leading IDMs, foundries and OEMs use Pivotal’s products to dramatically increase yield and productivity by avoiding catastrophic scrap events, tightening process windows, and matching chambers and eliminating the need for offline flow calibration.

“We see our GFC as yet another game changer because there are no other technologies in the market today that can flow accurately at these high speeds with nanometer control that enables industry leading precision and increases productivity,” said Kevin Hill, COO for Pivotal Systems.